Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Loamhill Odessa "Ginger" is pregnant!

Confirmed by ultrasound scan June 6.
The litter is expected around the 7th of July.
Pups will be ready to leave the last days of August.

Low  coefficient of inbreeding: 1,12 % (7 generations)

Father: "Peter Pan von Averlon"

After using "Finch vom Kleinenberg" (half "vom Kleinenberg", half "Silkstone") and "Vitali vom Kleinenberg" (half "vom Kleinenberg", half "Avalonia"), I decided to go back to English lines. The ancestors of "Peter Pan von Averlon"  are mostly "Hillsdown".

Mother: "Loamhill Odessa"

The four generations: Pardee Gold Star (16,12 %); Loamhill Iffley (8,40 %), Loamhill Mira (2,74 %), Loamhill Odessa (2,53%)

Testmating (please copy and paste)

It only makes sense to compare the inbreeding coefficients of different pedigrees if the number of generations used for the calculation are the same and the pedigrees are complete for the generations! (information from The Whippet Archives)

The Kennel Club - Annual  Breed Average Inbreeding Coefficient : 10,1 %

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